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Citizens Advice Service

Information System


AdviserNet is a comprehensive database containing extensive information covering the broad area of citizens rights and entitlements. It is an essential resource for every adviser, covering all welfare issues from employment to benefits, housing to debt. 

It is available for information and advice centres, centres for the unemployed, community resource groups, and groups organised around particular issues. It can also be used by local governments departments, constituency offices, health boards, employers and trade unions.

Case Recording System

The first of its kind in the UK advice sector, CARMA (Case And Record Management Assistant), is a comprehensive case management system which enables the storage and retrieval of information relating to clients and their cases.

Offering the highest level, standardised case recording across your organisation to deliver the statistics you need.


CAS can provide consultancy to a range of public bodies and private sector companies, both in terms of the delivery of information to their customer base and in terms of retrieval of information from their customer base.

CAS provides support and training on community development, social security law, quality assurance, fundraising and project management, management of change, strategic planning, the accreditation of training and the design and implementation of training programmes.